German private health care – the CDU effect.

The boom in the private health care and insurance industries in Germany was due to a political manoevre by the centre right to pander to lobbyists from the health insurance industry.

Prior to reform, national health patiants had the same right to see private heath practitioners. Private health care prices were keapt down and the best medical practioners in germany accepted patiants on state insurance. Private doctors werent able to charge ridiculous sums, and the only real loosers were the private health insurance companies that could’nt provide an exclusive private service and demand hefty premiums.

The centre-right cracked and national health care patiants were booted from the waiting lists of private doctors. Immdiatley doctors could hike prices. Now in Germany a private doctor can realistically ask 400 euros for one visit, that could last as little as 15 minutes. And suddenly there was a huge demand for health insurance – the only way to get access to the german medical elite.

So under the continued the direction of the CDU might we expect the progressive de socialisation of the welfare state?


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