Happy Feet

Ever had a creeping feeling up you spine, the feeling of sciatica? Probably not, its not fun, often debilitating. Whenever I get struck by continous physical pain, i can’t help but feel down. Initially there is the shock of not knowing what hit you. Then there is slow realisation that you don’t know how to solve it. When i came back from Korea, the pain struck.

I racked my brain as to what the cause might be. Firstly positioning on my bicycle, then the possibility of a herniated disk, then I was at a complete loss. I decided it was something muscular, some strain I had put on myself. Every webiste I went to offered a different diagnosis. Every medical practitioner I saw gave a different solution. I had my bike professionaly fitted. I had an MRI for my lower lumber region. Then I went to the Chiropractor and also resorted to massage. One half of my body was seizing up and I’m in my mid twenties.

Finally when all seemed lost, I finally met someone with a fresh perspective, they told me to look at my feet. Also my shoes. I ended up throwing away a pair of shoes I had bought in Seoul, the summer before coming home. Then shoe shopping for several pairs to replace my well worn shoes. And some supportive insoles.

Now I write with happy feet, at least a lot happier than one month ago, and I can cycle again and do exercise without feeling like an 80 year old. Who knew that one pair of wrong shoes can wreak havoc on your whole body. The pain isn’t over yet, but i’m bouyant with hope.


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