Abduction in Libya

While the US house of representatives contemplates lurching America into a recession, US army special forces forcibly extracted two high profile terrorists from Libya and Somalia on Saturday.

Somalia was warned of the extraction, but Libya complains that special forces moved in without giving them any prior warning. The US has been abducting criminals abroad for decades and tried them in the US. Guatanamo became the biggest emblem of US unilateral behaviour.

International law is forgotten when US interests are at stake, John Kerry, the US secretary of state, gave a speech at APEC, he spoke of only how the US had done everything possible that was legal to aprehend the terrorist threat. He stressed the importance of the threat, and ignored any detailed summary of the coordination between governments, as there seemingly wasn’t any.

One does wonder, which international legal authority agreed the US abduction of an Al Qaieda member from Libya a legal action. Although, through repetition, the US may pleed a case of international legal custom.


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