Problems on the horizon

2014 the re-emergence of Al-Qaeda and terrorism as politically poignant. With the upcoming election in Afghanistan and the withdrawal of some international aid, there is the question of whether Al-Qaeda’s dominance will grow there again.

Since US intervention in Iraq has there has been an expansion of terrorist groups. Most recently Al-Qaeda forces have captured the city of Fallujah.

Perhaps the biggest case in point is Pakistan, the nominative headquarters of the Al-Qaeda. A region that has historically been very hard to control. Here Al-Qaeda has flourished and, and despite the US state department claiming victory over terrorism, there has been a global rise in the incidences of terrorism, many with the signature of the Al-Qaeda.

The assignation of Bin Laden, falsely led us to imagine that we had knocked the head off of Al-Qaeda. Mike Rogers, a Republican Congressman, called this a ‘false narrative’. Now Ayman al-Zawahiri leads a group stronger than before, in a world with growing risk in the Middle East and in North Africa.

Growing out of the confusion of recent developments, ISIS reveals its head. Recently it has changed the face of terrorism in the Middle East to a problem much more unwieldy than before. Southern Iraq has succumbed to the threat of civil war in the Anbar province, and resolving the growing crisis in Syria becomes more distant with an extremist group such as ISIS pitting itself against the Assad regime. The historical feud between Sunni and Sufi has intertwined with extremism as central authority in the region waned in the wake of the Arab spring and and foreign military involvement.

Will Geneva 2 offer any solutions to Syria and the Middle East or will it delay necessary forceful intervention?


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