Little Korea in Paris

One thing you quickly learn about Koreans is that they travel everywhere and Korean communities have sprouted in most large cities. In Paris there are several Korean locations but the most touristic and popular is around Opera. There you will find a large supply of Korean restaurants tucked in between a plethora of Japanese restaurants. Apart from Korean restaurants, there are two fantastic Korean supermarkets located moments away from Pyramides Metro station, both of which I have visited often.

Android App for Korean restaurants in Paris – called Korean Restaurant Guide France

Today we walked through a passageway to around Opera and found a couple of Korean restaurants not marked on the map above. We went to a tiny Korean restaurant called Little Seoul, that had huge pictures of winter rock climbing displayed.

2014-03-07 16.06.22

The lunch menu is recommended, and the place has a lovely relaxing atmosphere.

2014-03-07 13.42.45
Tiny restaurant near Opera

Since I don’t live near Opera, I have also visited several restaurants on the left bank. One, my favorite, that seems to get no customers is in the 5th arrondissement, and is called Olive. It is right opposite the Mosque, a very popular restaurant and cafe.

2014-03-07 16.32.35
Significant Other eating 비빔밥 ^^

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