Dream bicycle

When I have free time I will spend it browsing the web in search of one dream bike. I don’t want a 6.5kg super-light nor do I want a time trialing bike. Because what would I do during the winter, or if I felt like doing a small tour? My most important factor is that I don’t have a fixed abode yet and space is always a concern. I need a bike that will do absolutely everything and is tough, but isn’t a 15kg slug. I guess that is a lot to ask for, but we all dream.

I think I have found a bike that won’t necessarily break the bank and has been given the thumbs up by everyone who has ridden it. The Salsa Vaya!

Vaya_2_14_sv_1440x960The Vaya “is our touring and road adventure bike, designed to handle any ‘road’ surface, from pavement, to gravel, to dirt“.

Ive looked at titanium bikes, more road orientated bikes, more off road bikes and none really match up to the design of the Vaya no matter what the price. A titanium bike doesn’t normally offer front rack capacity unless it sports a steel fork. a mountain bike set up can’t get its speed up on the road especially if it sports 26″ tires. and more traditional road bikes don’t have the clearence for wider off road tires or the frame type to make off roading a real option, otherwise you enter into the world of cyclocross which offers for the most part a racing geometry and no eyelets for racks.

some good reviews of the Salsa Vaya:



Salsa Vaya 1000 Mile Review (or our thoughts on Salsa Vaya vs. Surly LHT)


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