Dealing with an ongoing injury

2014-03-10 09.08.47

I have had an injury for over a year that no one can really understand. It prevents me from enjoying most activities and makes me quite weak. Recently I have been diagnosed with a pinched nerve in the lumbar spine region that has led to sciatic pain. At first I thought it would go away. And then I realized that none of the symptoms were improving. In the UK my GP offered no advice concerning treatment and gave me no medication. I was left thinking I imagined the pain. I went to a chiropractor who offered theories in regard to the pain and I visited a physical therapist who was also at a loss. I went to a doctor in Germany who advised I go see a neurologist, but before I had time I moved to France. In Paris I have seen a sports medicine specialist who diagnosed me properly within 5 minutes and was shocked that I hadn’t been diagnosed before. He prescribed me medication and physical therapy. Included in the medicine package was anti-inflammatory pills that quickly reduced the pain. But now two weeks after taking them the pain has come back to much of the left side of my body, a mostly numb and weak sensation.

I am continuing to be hopeful about finding a remedy, which currently, I believe could be anything from surgery to further medication. I have learnt during the time I have had the sciatic pain to stretch as much as possible, do yoga exercises and use the foam roller and a baseball ball to massage out tightness, which I believe provides a huge amount of relief to the muscles affected by the nerve impingement. Since I have had sciatic pain I have developed new found respect for people who deal with daily pain, and understand how it can change the way you think.


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