When the week started I had no idea it would take the turns it has so far. With the time I have spare while travelling to Essen, Germany, I can muse over recent events.


Yesterday, for the second time I saw the sports MD, who gave me a second prescription for my compressed nerve in the lumbar spine. If this medication doesn’t work in combination with physiotherapy then I will have to have an MRI. That being said I had one during the summer of last year in the UK, which didn’t bring any problem to light.
As far as I understand, the severity of my condition depends on what is impinging on the nerve. At its most basic it can be a vestige of a preceding injury which has inflammed the nerve. Otherwise it could be a muscle pushing against the nerve, or ligament, which physiotherapy could help manage. Finally there could be bone resting against the nerve that could necessitate surgery. More than anything else I find the uncertainty excrutiating. And not knowing how long the injury might last.

I have read horror stories on google about people with similar injuries who never recover. When reading how people’s lives change as a consequence of debilitating back pain and without knowing the full extent of my own injury it becomes difficult not to become anxious.
As I now have free time I am able to devote part of my day to stretching and strengthening the damaged area. I use the foam roller daily to do core strengthening exercises which seem to alleviate the pain, whereas most yoga exercises offered very little in the way of pain alleviation.

Through connections I have leapt from a position of ensconsed unemployment,     to the very real chance of getting work in London. While unemployed, intermittant tasks and responsibilities have given a veneer of acceptability to being jobless. The prospect of having real work and responsibilities is very exciting.

What I am actually being offered is an internship position with a fixed contract of several months. But it is in an interesting sector with the possibility to acquire diverse responsibilities.

The job also means that I will have to move to London for the duration of the contract, and finish my stint in Europe.


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