Prudential’s Start Art Fair at the Saatchi Gallery

Prudential’s Start Art Fair at the Saatchi gallery during the last weekend of June focussed on young artists and galleries from around the world, with a vast selection from different parts of Asia. What immediately peaked my interest were the two South Korean Galleries, both from Gangnam in Seoul representing for the most part Koreans already living in London. Some of their works were very interesting, especially the ones that chose to play on the South/North divide.

Apart from Korean art, which as far as I can tell has become a staple to the Saatchi gallery after several years worth of the Korean Eye, there was a healthy selection from other countries in Asia. Art from Malaysia, Japan, China and elsewhere no doubt was included, each offering fascinating pieces.

There was a Chinese artist painting John Lennon. A collection of pieces focussing on travelling. And there was a large art piece made exclusively from Malaysian stamps. I find that contemporary art has to be pleasurable to the eye, and does not necessarily have to make a philosophical statement. In fact I found the patterned pieces, clearly devoid of any subtext very pleasant to look at, and given a thicker wallet would have shelled out for the piece.

This is the first time I have visited the Saatchi gallery, and for me it has been the most interesting contemporary art galley I have been to yet. Thoroughly recommend it.


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