Art enforced in Dusseldorf

Appearing at the sanitized but architecturally impressive Kunsthalle, we floated through the atrium to enjoy the Kandinsky exhibition of white shared with Mondrian and Wassily.


Exploring the fourth dimension with these artists as they painted across time and muted the aesthetic with intellectual vigor. Kandinsky’s Architectural routes were apparent with displays of miniaturized buildings and note books. Moving around the exhibition it was hard not to take time to appreciate the layout as it was a maze like structure with open walls and no set path between them.

On the other side of the atrium is a room of almost equal proportions but only housing one installation. A light prism with a rotating light prism in the center creating moving colours of light moving along the vast space. Mesmerizing.

Upstairs we found the permanent exhibition while navigating the huge gallery space. Picasso’s works littered the gallery, with a Pollock and Lichtenstein also represented. A collection of German modern artists filled a lot of the space with some known French names.

Having previously been to the Saatchi gallery I was aware of the derse of Asian and African art. But the greatest difference was the attitude of the staff. As if constantly reminded of the value of the art we were repeatedly scrutinised by room vigils. every room I entered they stared me down, checking if I was prospecting a crime of the century and making a pollock disappear. When we were particularly interested in a piece and went to take a closer look at the art we were first reminded that touching the wall would set off an alarm. We were then told (by a different vigil) that even getting as close as one meter to the wall would bring down Germany’s finest assault force. Not quite, but you get the idea.

All in all an invigorating journey exploring some of the most valuable modern art pieces on the planet. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to see the interesting special exhibition in the building opposite called ‘Smart New World’.


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