The Lower Back

Instead of haunting my close friends and family yet again with my hypochondria, I thought the best place to go on about it would be online and through my blog.

I chronically have chronic pain somewhere about my person, and this past year and a half I have had a pinched nerve. I have mentioned it in previous posts and confess I can go on for hours on the subject of the lumbar spine and all the things that can go wrong there.

A year and a half ago I improperly did either a dead-lift or a squat in the gym which has brought about this consistent pain in the back. I hold myself entirely responsible for the pain I am suffering now. But for me the worst thing about it, is that this led to the end of ability to cycle. Every time I got on the saddle I felt a shooting pain up the side of my leg, and this pain could last for days.

Of course I didn’t lie about feeling sorry for myself all the time, there were moments of rational thought that led me to take action. But nothing seemed to help. Yoga, stretching, weights, aerobics, rock climbing, swimming, jogging all in vein as nothing has worked. GP’s, physiotherapists, sports doctors, massage therapists, Chiropractor, surgeon … all proved incapable of bringing me a permanent solution to the problem. The MRI showed no cause for the pain and surgery was out of the question, there was no clear panacea.

I have tortured friends and family over my injury, for in my darkest hours I blame it for removing cycling, my only form of escapism from day to day life. I have become more brooding since the injury and have developed much more of a temper and it has of course inflated my inadequacies and insecurities.

But yet I am still positive. The other day I discovered an article, by prowling on forums, my usual occupation when I am desperate from pain or some other disillusionment. And I came across this article, 

Partially because I assure myself that at the end of the day I won’t have to live with this chronic pain my whole life and secondly because I agree with those medical practitioners who say that exercise, physiotherapy and time will be the best healers, this article appeals to me. Also, on browsing the net I am constantly facing a slew of info-articles suggesting very light stretching and easy exercises to solve a serious injury, which never seem to help me. I wanted something more intense, a regimen that was satisfyingly tough.

Turn to the bodybuilder Bill Starr. If you look him up, you will find he is a very old-school body builder with traditional and proven methods. The one he recommends for the lumbar spine is basically 100’s of gruelling deadlifts and good mornings. At first glance, seeing that i caused my injury by doing similar exercises, I would have thought that this would run contrary to good sense. But over the week that I have been trying this regimen, all i can do is laud Bill for his advice, because repetitively  using my lower back lifting light weights has done wonders for giving it strength and hopefully go towards healing my chronic injury.




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