2014 Tour de France : The famed Publicity Caravan…. – 35 photos.

Behind the scenes. Finally I get to see the Tour de France Caravan, actually more impressive than I imagined. Maybe slightly too much Haribo for my liking, and not enough related to cycling. Certainly surprising to see a mobile radiology van, If only I could have that when I cycle.


Tour de france 2014 the famed publicitary caravan

What you don’t  see on TV reports ….The Tour de France Publicity Caravan on a cold and rainy weather – Stage 6 : Arras to Reims – Folembray ( Picardy ).

Tour de France 2014

Publicity Caravan by numbers :

More than 600 people – 180 vehicles – 37 brands – 15 million gifts handed out -12 km of procession -45 minutes of show-time  – 55 people involved in supervision including 15 police officers

02- tour de france photos pictures walk and bike

03-tour de france photos walk and bike in france

Media (2013)
2,000 journalists, consultants and photographers -100 TV channels –

585 different media outlets representing 35 countries present on the event
380 newspapers, press agencies or web sites
100 TV channels
75 photo agencies
70 radio stations

04-photos tour de france 2014 pictures walk and bike   Tdf 1

05-pictures tour de france 2014

Riders 2014
198 riders at the start (22 teams of 9 riders)
300 support staff
15 members of the race stewards’ committee

06-photos tour de france 2014 pictures bike in france

Spectators :
12 million spectators
63% men and 37% women
55% under 50 years old, including 12% under 15…

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