Stoicism…. Epicureanism

Delving further into Stoicism, and reading more about the ideas behind it I decided to purchase The Epicurus Reader, a small breakdown of the philosophy of Epicurus the Stoic. More specifically, a study of Epicureanism.


Every so often I would like to share some stoic ideals I feel are particularly relevant to contemporary life. Perhaps firstly, because of the relevance to myself I would like to share his ideas on physical health and pain.

The Principal Doctrines

“The feeling of pain does not linger continuously in the flesh; rather, the sharpest is present for the shortest time, while what merely exceeds the feeling of pleasure in the flesh lasts only a few days. And diseases which last long time involve feelings of pleasure which exceed feelings of pain”


A more detailed breakdown of what Epicurus is trying to say is given by D.S. Hutchinson from Trinity College, Toronto.

“What’s terrible is easy to endure” ‘There is no denying that illness and pain are disagreeable, but nature has so constituted us that we need not suffer very much from them. Sickness is either brief or chronic, and either mild or intense, but discomfort that is both chronic and intense is very unusual’.


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