Physiotherapy for Hip Bursitis

Subsequent to my steroid injection to my hip, I have revived strength but according to the Physio there are four short but tiring exercises that I need to do.

All are in the same position, lying on the side. 

1. lifting one leg in the air for thirty seconds for – up and down slowly and in a controlled manner not bending the knee.

2. This one is near identical but it has a slight different, it necessitates turning the uppermost foot so your toes are pointing in the air without rotating your pelivis then lifting the straight leg in the same manner as the first exercise.

3 and 4. This is a controlled circular motion of the foot “as if recreating a clock face” one done in a clockwise while the other done anticlockwise. This is very tiring

N.B. make sure you do not lean back during the exercise, Tuck one hand under you stomach to keep your torso steady.


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