They come in Threes

The Internet is nefarious 

Distractions abound, but nowhere as much as on the Internet, where any momentary interest is met. Fleeting obsessions become are enemy as an eternal vortex of the new and interesting pulls us ever further from our task. Time becomes in incalculable as we browse from one device to the other, continually browsing a world ordered by popularity. Fashions are thrust before us, and the gaudy meant to mesmerize.
I only recently came to terms and accepted the full damage the web can inflict after using an empowering computer utility, RescueTime, that analyses accurately everything you do on the computer and acts as a check, preventing you from being drawn into the vortex of distraction. It is a rare breed of software package that promotes self-control, a state of mind that acts as the Antichrist to the profitability of companies such as Amazon and Google, who thrive off the compulsiveness of the Net population. Internet adverts bare witness to the vulture like behavior of large companies as they attempt to distract you at every turn from your intentions.
E-readers are wondrous 
I have always been curious about e-ink technology, septics have challenged their value, and they have taken time to take to the main stream. But having finally spent time with one, I find some how it has allowed me to fall in love with the written word again. An E-reader is more than the sum of its parts, Its allows instant, easy to read, access  to millions of books from all over the world in many languages. It allows you to carry your whole library by your side. But maybe more than that it has liberated me from my library of books. It has made me more open minded about my choice in literature and it has removed that feeling that every book is a challenge to be met, but instead a joy to be browsed at leisure. I can now feel free to pick up where I left off at any point in the day, and not feel the need to reach self-appointed targets. I can secretly read self-help texts on the tube, read about magicians and dragons in the park and read history books in the bathroom.
Unemployment is horrendous
I have been unemployed for far too long. The outcome of this has been that I have become overly accepting of my situation. Your self-confidence is shot to pieces when you are unemployed for too long you are liable to think you have nothing to offer. I get assaulted by two modes of thought, on the one hand attacked for not trying hard enough and not being anxious enough, and on the other for being overly stressed and too anxious.
Applications soon become a weird ritual; you send letters out to some omnipotent bureaucracy who diligently buries your cover letters and resumes or use them as kindling (as you never hear back, this is the only assumption I can come up with).
Any happy go lucky spirit of your more fortunate employed friends grinds with your dreary skepticism and you find social events ever more excruciating. But there is always a spark of hope, the same, or similar, to someone purchasing a lottery ticket, that today might be your lucky day.

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