I’m here typing away,


I think that I have a lot to say. One thing is that I am, because of my depressed state, spending a lot of needless cash, on internet purchases, in the hope they will suddenly turn into human friends and bring me comfort. Not really working, as I’m not a mad scientist living near the lake in Geneva.

But every so often I make a good purchase, this one has actually been sitting in a draw for some while. And my positive review might be a little pre-emptive. But I’ve been sitting in my room all day, pretty glum, and suddenly as one does I thought maybe I’m glum because i’m vitamin efficient, so I pop every pill I’ve got.

And eventually I hit upon my BCAA’s and knock back one. All well and good, I was pretty sure they were just the product of good marketing. But to my surprise more than any other pill I had taken today, it had an immediate and positive effect. It lifted my mood and gave me energy, as if from nowhere. Not even Knocking back a caffeine pill that morning while drinking coffee had had this effect. Until then I was pretty sure my depression was immune to anything bar the most impressive prescription drugs.

But lo, BCAA’s have provided. Of course, natural scepticism enters the frontal lobe. It must be coincidental. But no, google has a word to say on the matter. BCAA’s are a SEROTONIN BLOCKER. And apparently Serotonin can lead to depression. (BCAA – I think are a type of Amino Acids)


Check out this link (sure they are biased – but still)

The mere mention of this as an idea corroborates my feeling. So .. i’m agreeing with it.

Now heading over to the body building forum, for a quick corroboration of facts.  (talking to the Jocks – got to love stereotypes)


Quite a detailed break down. They are worried about over consumption… too much of a good thing. The threat of the come down.

So I continue to follow the bread crumbs.


This is a scientific article … got some good information. So basically discussing how Amino Acids affect near-transmitters. Interesting…

I have a query: back to google.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, mostly found in the digestive tracts. And it affects A LOT!


Sexual Desire





temperature regulation

social behaviour


Another quick reference


But wait this gets more confusing. Antidepressant medication boosts serotonin levels. How on earth does that work. Okay I’m back to square one. I have read slightly further and realised that there is some debate between depression and serotonin.


This article adds a quite a good layer of confusion to the whole debate, but clearly illustrates that branched amino acids could positively effect depression, as serotonin has a lot of bad knock on effects for health. And there are a lot of people who over produce serotonin.





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