Ride ’em Ride ’em Ride ’em

By that I mean chairs, saddle chairs.

Okay admittedly, I am only several days into using mine. But since I have chronic pain, any slight change is good change, and this is definitely change for the better. Turns out I sit a lot, also turns out that I have sat so much, so poorly I got a dead glute, that lead to all kinds of problems and eventually chronic back pain (nerve related).

But I invested in a saddle chair, and this seems be doing all kinds of good. Posture is slightly better, glutes are a little more awake. To those that doubt I would say try it. And if you get into this world of stationary horse riding without the horse, beware, because saddle chairs for the aficionado can cost a small fortune. I’m not there yet, but you can easily drop half a grand for something that gets you nowhere very fast.



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