The pelvic area is a little bit of a mystery. But it seems to be a problem area for me. In particular with glute activation, especially the glute med. I continue to try different methods to activate the glute med efficiently, but as this problem has been going on for a few years now, these exercises are becoming very tedious.

Some of the exercises are:

  • Crab Walk with elastic band (forward and side to side)
  • Prone Leg raise with elastic band
  • Angled side step with elastic band
  • Forward Lunge (weighted)
  • Side Lunge (weighted)
  • Hip Thrust exercise (weighted)
  • Squat to below parallel
  • One Legged hip thrust (particularly useful in engaging balancing muscles)
  • Swiss ball reverse bridge (feet on ball)

At the moment, because doing all these exercises everyday would be time consuming I am focusing on lunges, especially weighted side lunges.



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