Flying to Germany

During my moment of luxury for the week. Cheap airplane red clasped in one hand, baby blue sky outside as I fly British Airways from City Airport. I switch from a mood of complete despondency to one of bliss as I realise ‘who the fuck really cares’. Ive been digesting greek and roman stoic literature […]

Stoicism, Buddhism and the anti-Heddonist

The new idea for the week. This week I am taking onboard a few new ideas and concepts that might have rewarding changes into the way I process events. One of the new things I am exploring is Stoicism, an ancient Greek philosophy that has a reputation as self-defeatist. Below is a link to a […]

The Lower Back

Instead of haunting my close friends and family yet again with my hypochondria, I thought the best place to go on about it would be online and through my blog. I chronically have chronic pain somewhere about my person, and this past year and a half I have had a pinched nerve. I have mentioned […]